RetroHardware has signed an exclusive agreement with Bridgepointe Technologies.

Bridgepointe Technologies is a Technology Services Brokerage Firm (aka Telecom Master Agency), founded in 2002 and based in San Mateo, CA with over 40 solutions providers in their portfolio including Voice, Data, Data Centers, Hosted PBX, Cloud, Mobility and Collaboration.  As one of the Top Regional Master Agencies on the West Coast, BTP differentiates itself by providing an unrivaled level of support, partnership, and personalization.

RetroHardware can now offer a robust portfolio of more than 40 service providers across our solution areas, giving you access to the best in offerings in the telecommunications and IP space.  Our partnership allows us to create the most effective, efficient, and adaptable technology solutions for your unique environment without bias toward one supplier or another.

Contact us to learn more about our supplier partnerships by solution area.